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No December Meeting
Happy Holidays!

Maxava iFoundation Bowling Tournament 2018

On behalf of the Maxava iFoundation, we'd like to thank everyone who participated in the 2018 "IBM i Community Strikes Back" bowling tournament. Please join us in congratulating Team SEMIUG Strike!

Team SEMIUG wins $2,000 to celebrate at their favorite restaurant.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated and supported the IBM i community!

Best regards,
The Maxava iFoundation Team

Team SEMIUG Strike

SEMIUG Strikes Team: David Cary, Jim Thompson, Doug Rezanka, Dan Bale

From the President

Dear Members:

We're excited to have Alan Seiden presenting a PHP topic for our November meeting. PHP has become very popular for use on IBM i. We're fortunate to have “Alan” a world class expert on PHP presenting. You're welcome to join in onsite or remotely via WebEx. Details will be sorted soon.

The November meeting will be held onsite at the Bloomfield library and in honor of Thanksgiving we will have turkey and trimmings rather than our regular meeting fair. Come enjoy the presentation and get a jump start on Thanksgiving.

In January Larry Bolhuis will be presenting. The meeting will be held at BrassCraft and members will also be able to join in remotely via WebEx. We will also be kicking off the Watson student activity. We will be teaming up students with user group members to complete a Watson project. We will make it easy by providing some examples to use or teams can get creative. We're looking forward to a fun activity. Not only will it be exciting to find out some of things Watson can do on IBM I but also, we will team up with local students/schools. Please contact Laura at if you are interested to participate in the activity. Teams will have 1 month to complete the project. We will use iDevcloud for the activity. The projects will be unveiled in February. Cash prizes will be awarded to students to use toward education.

We are approaching that time of year again. SEMIUG dues are still at the very affordable rate of $100 per member organization and $50 per individual. As a SEMIUG member you are entitled to participate within group activities, provided a discount for MITEC conference, automatically a COMMON member and are entitled to COMMON benefits and much more. It is a small price and makes a difference. SEMIUG is nonprofit and relies on dues to continue to bring world class education and opportunities to connect with community. For details visit the membership tab on the SEMIUG site You'll find the membership renewal/dues form on the bottom of the page.

We are officially into the holiday season. Come join us onsite in November and get a jump start on celebrating Thanksgiving. We will break for December and the Christmas and New Years holiday. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, keep in mind all of the wonderful things that we have to be Thankful for. We're fortunate to have a wonderful and exciting IT career, many wonderful technology changes in process and great community to continue to connect with.

Happy Thanksgiving

President, Southeast Michigan iSeries User Group
Phone: 248-701-7410

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Meetings are a great opportunity to socialize with iSeries Colleagues and are always a great learning experience. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming meetings.