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March Meeting

Topic: What is next for Node.js

Date:Wednesday March 25th, 2020Michael Dawson
Time:6:00 PM EST
Location:GoToMeeting Only
Speaker:Michael Dawson
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Presentation:What is next for Node.js

Want to know what is next for Node.js? New features? Major changes? Key initiatives at (More...)

From the President

Dear Members:

What a difference a month can make. Covid-19 has hit with force. Who would have thought that we’d be in the position of fighting a major pandemic? If only we could freeze the world for 14 days. Through this stressful time, we have witnessed many people step up to offer a helping hand. We need to take care of not only ourselves, but those around us by listening to the guidance of professionals. Hopefully we will soon see an end in sight.

Many IT staff members are working remotely while some have been laid off or impacted in other ways. There is one thing for sure, we are all spending a lot more time at home. This is a great opportunity to take some of that time to advance your IT skills. There are also efforts where you can put your skills to good use. One great example is IBM call for code 2020. Surf on it. You’ll find a link showing a challenge to use your IT skills to combat Covid-19 or to take on climate change.

Our meeting will be held on a GoToMeeting format only. As much as we enjoy having everyone together, it is best that we practice social distancing. We’ll plan to have meetings on the GoToMeeting platform for the next couple of months, at least.

We have a very exciting meeting this month. We’re fortunate to have Michael Dawson IBM node.js lead presenting on what’s next with node.js. Node.js has become more prevalent. It is a major player in IoT (internet of things), open source efforts and other IBM i projects. We had a taste of node.js in previous presentations and some of us are already making use of this fantastic tool. Be sure to join in to learn what’s next including updates, changes, direction and so much more! You’ll be sure to walk away with valuable information whether you are into coding or not. Next month we have plans for a AI/Robotics presentation. Stay tuned for details.

MITEC plans are still under way. The event workshops are to be held Monday June 22nd with the main conference on Tuesday June 23rd. As we continue to plan this event, it is not lost on us that we must also consider the progress of our global battle against COVID-19. Many events have been cancelled due to this, but we have high hopes that we will still be able to hold MITEC come June. As the event approaches, we will know more and plan to keep everyone up to date and informed.

If you have not done so, please renew your membership and pay annual dues. Prices have not changed. You can find the membership renewal form at the bottom of the membership page.

Thank you to the volunteers that help to keep SEMIUG going. Special thanks to Jim Thompson, Amanda Smith, Charles Nalbandian, Ed Berryhill, Joy Chen, Richie Plama, David Cary and Josh Jamie. Together, we strive to continue to bring world class current education opportunities, opportunities to interact with community colleagues, the ability to connect with schools and students, provide special events and so much more.

During this difficult time, let’s all do our part to take care, be safe, responsible and considerate of others. Please take the time to help your community. Whether that be helping an elderly neighbor run errands, checking to see what local community efforts there are, or sharing some of what you have with a local food bank or charity, every little bit helps during this unprecedented time. It is crazy how busy our lives have gotten in recent years with technology at our fingertips. Let us use our time in quarantine to connect, catch up, spend quality time with our families, and to learn new skills. Sit in on user group meetings, take an online class, find an eBook, watch you tubes or simply surf and learn. Don’t forget to share your findings with the rest of the group if you find something particularly interesting. To do so you can contact anyone on the board.

We look forward to the time where we are past the worst of this and are on the road to the new normal. Hopefully that will be soon, but until then be safe and take care. SEMIUG wishes everyone the best and we look forward to everyone joining in the March user group meeting.


Laura President, Southeast Michigan iSeries User Group
Phone: 248-701-7410

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Meetings are a great opportunity to socialize with iSeries Colleagues and are always a great learning experience. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming meetings.