List of Previous Meeting


March IBMi Strategy Roadmap and Innovation Steve Will
February Wayne’s World of ACS Administration Tips and Tricks Wayne Bowers


November Writing “Modern” RPG Code Barbara Morris
October What is Open AI and Why Should You Care? Mike Pavlak
September Advanced SQL Made Simple Sue Romano
June Celebrate Good Times Come On! IBM i at 35
May Recent additions to modern CL language Simon Hutchinson
March Streaming/Replicating Db2i Data into “The Cloud” John Westcott
February Tricks with Spool Files using SQL Simon Hutchinson
January “BOB” (Better Object Builder) Edmund Reinhardt


November IBM i – it’s not just AS/400 Tom Huntington and Steve Will
September Recent additions to modern RPG languages Simon Hutchinson
June IBM i 7.4 Enhancements Dan Sundt
May IBM Navigator for i – A Live Demo Tim Rowe
April Intro to object-level security Robin Tatam
March Benefits of External Storage for IBM i Richie Palma
February Service Programs and Unit Testing Marina Schwenk
January Monitor and Manage IBM i with SQL services Sue Romano


November Navigator for i Larry Bolhuis
October Db2 Web Query Potpourri Doug Mack
September Application & Software Modernization

Tom Huntington, Charles Guarino,

Mike Pavlak, and Laura Ubelhor

June IBM i 7.4 Enhancements Dan Sundt
May Things you probably didn’t know you could do with Db2 Web Query Doug Mack
April Modern Authentication Methodologies Robert Andrews
March RDi What’s New and What’s Next Steve Ferrell and Tom Huntington
February Fundamentals of Python on IBM i Mike Pavlak
January Email/Text From RPG Mike Larsen


November IBM i (SQL) Services for the Developer Sue Romano
October Improve Productivity and Address the Skills Gap with Open Source Jesse Gorzinski
September Practical Tools for Work from Home Richie Palma
June IBM i Administrative Security Risks Robert Andrews
May Darn… Cursored Again! – Using SQL & Cursors in Your Programs! Jim Buck
April How to Remain Relevant in a changing IT Environment Jim Buck
March What is next for Node.js Michael Dawson
February Debugging with RDi From the On Ramp to the Cruising Lane Charles Guarino
January Cool Things in Navigator to be a Rockstar System Administrator Pete Massiello


November IBM i Meets IoT Jesse Gorzinski
October IBM i 7.4 and TR Announcements Scott Forstie
September SQLRPGLE The Better File Access Marina Schwenk
June Anatomy of a Security Failure Steve Pitcher
May Overview of Open Source on IBM i Jesse Gorzinski
April Understanding your High Availability and Disaster Recovery Options Brian Nordland
March Watson Student project reveal Laura Ubelhor
February Deep dive into fully free-form RPG Barbara Morris
January Daily Care and Feeding of IBM i Larry Bolhuis


November Strategic Modernization with PHP Alan Seiden
October POWER9 and IBM i: Install, upgrade and backup using USB Bob Schuster
September The “Best Stuff” of Advanced RDi Charles Guarino
June Leveraging Db2 Web Query to Simplify Security
Compliance and Systems Utilization Monitoring
Doug Mack
May Simple Strategies for In-Depth Malware Defense Sandi Moore
April IBM i Cloud Hosting Pete Czornohus
March Openi — Exploring Open Source Solutions on IBM i Erwin Early
February Talent Acquisition Resource for the Future Laura Ubelhor
January Platform comparison – Why i? Richie Palma


November It’s Not Just AS/400 Steve Will, Tom Huntington
October IBM i and Access to Watson Jesse Gorzinski
September The ABCs of RDi Shortcuts Charles Guarino
June What’s new in DB2 for IBM i Sarah Mackenzie
May Cool Things You Can Do with IBM DB2 Web Query Jim Bainbridge
April BRMS/Disaster Recovery Jim Oberholtzer
March IBM i Mobile Access – 5250, Database and
Print on the Go
Wayne Bowers
February Strategic Modernization with PHP Alan Seiden
January The State of ERP on IBM i Mike Breitbach


November Node.js Crash Course Tony Cairns
October Performance Data Investigator Lora R. Powell
September Deep dive into free-form RPG Barbara Morris
June Designing Responsive IBM i Web and Mobile Applications Greg Patterson
May 7-Minute Presentations Members of SEMIUG
April RPG OA to PHP: IBM i Modernization and Mobile Approaches Greg Patterson
March What’s up with DB2 for i Scott Forstie
February Putting the Pedal to the Metal for RDi Charles Guarino
January Let’s Get Mobile
(A Hands On Introduction to IBM i Mobile Access)
Wayne Bowers


November Communication Excellence Colleen Garton
October IBM i OS V7R2 updates Mary Monine
September IBM i Systems Management Workshop Larry Bolhuis
June Mobile Access to IBM i Wayne Bowers
May RPG Free Barbara Morris
April IBM i Cloud Hosting Guy Cunningham
March Introduction to the IBM i Navigator Performance Tasks Dawn May
February Connecting the Dots: Building Web Applications
with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
John Valance
January From STRDBG to the RDi Debugger Charles Guarino


November Student Game Activity “The Big Reveal” Laura Ubelhor
October Service-Oriented Architecture on IBM i Rich Diedrich
September IBM i Virtualization and Open Storage Options Mike Schambureck
June DB2 for i and you… what’s new in 7.2 Scott Forstie
May LATEST IBM i ANNOUNCEMENTS Steve Will, Mark Olson, and Alison Butterill
April What’s New in DB2 for IBM i Scott Forstie
March Application Modernization Redbook Preview Tim Rowe
February RPG Free-form Enhancements Barbara Morris
January Why Ruby and Rails? Aaron Bartell


November System i Navigator “Programmer Prospective” Hands-On Paul Tuohy
October IBM i Navigator “The Basics” Hands-on Larry Bolhuis
September CL Hands On Laura Ubelhor, Ted Holt
June Modern RPG – Unrealized Capabilities George Slater, Michelle Gavalya
May Skills for the Modern IBM i Technical Resource Char Parker, Paul Ubelhor, Michael Cain, Tim Rowe, and Mike Pavlak
April SQL Think Tank Paul Tuohy
March i Can Serve You – Providing Web Services from Your IBM i Charles Guarino
February RPG Free for All Barbara Morris
January Topic: Application Modernization Brian May


November Web Query hands on project big reveal Jackie Jansen
October What’s new in Web Query and Web Query Hands on Project Kick-off Jackie Jansen
September How Change Management Assists with Application Development and Modernization Michael Morgan
June Common IBM i certification testing Randy Dufault
May Hands-on With Ajax, jQuery, Json and RPG Jim Cooper
April Developing Mobile Applications for i using Open Source Tools Pete Helgren
March Drive Efficiency Using Systems Management Tools Jan Stewart
February Stress on the Go Donna May
January PHP Hands-On Project Preview The PHP Teams


November Topic: Don’t Become a Business Refugee –
Maxava Discusses Real Life Disaster Recovery Scenarios
Simon O’Sullivan
October PHP on IBM i – Getting Started Laura A. Ubelhor
September Topic: Cloud Architecture on Power Systems Dean Woodke, IBM
June PHP and web-based security Kevin Schroeder
May Tapeless Backup Bob French
April Open Source Technology Eric Hill
March Automatic Encryption with V7R1 John Earl
February PHP Toolkit Functions (Beginner) Mike Pavlak
January DB2 Web Query Jackie Jansen


November ILE concepts for RPG: an overview Barbara Morris
October Power Systems Announcement John Bizon
September RPG Open Access – The Path Forward Nick Hampson
June IPv6 – In your mirror and closer than you think! Fant Steele
May System i Product Announcements John Bizon
April RPG Free Jim Martin
March Hardware Upgrade considerations: Green, ROI, Do the Math Larry Bolhuis
February An Introduction to Browser Based Applications and HTML Laura A. Ubelhor
January Installing and configuring Zend PHP Sever for IBM i Mike Pavlak


November IBMi and Web 2.0 Tim Rowe
October Virtual Tape and Virtual Vaulting/Recovery Using The Secure Data Solution John Sawyer
September PHP for IBM i: Getting started Erwin Earley
June Practical Web Services for RPG Tim Rowe
May Integrated Application Server Tim Rowe
April System i Navigator Larry Bolhuis
March OS/400 Forensics 101 John Earl
February A Great Time To Be i Ross Freeman
January Top 10 “Gotchas” for Admins in Upgrading to V6R1 Larry Bolhuis


November Introduction to Hardware Management Console (HMC) for Power systems Allyn Walsh
October System Management Bob Padzieski
September PHP for System i: What to do after you say “Hello, world” Larry Farmer
June Ten of the 17 Project Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them Russ Bartlett
May System i and i5/OS Announcements John Bizon
April What’s New in V6R1 Larry Bolhuis
March IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform Linda Cole
February CGIDEV2 – RPG Programming for Web Browsers Gordon Larkins
January What’s New With CL Kevin Forsythe


November DB2 Web Query Jackie Jansen
October .NET Richard Schoen
September SQL Stored Procedures and Functions Kevin Forsythe
June Introduction to Unified Modeling Language Omar Pérez
May LPAR Configuration Issues and Planning Larry Bolhuis
April The System I Developer Roadmap Allison Butterillo
March DB2 – What´s New and other Cool Stuff Doug Mack
February IBM Toolbox for Java and Toolbox Micro Edition Kim Button
January RPG and Cobol Tools in WDSC Nazmin Haji


November IBM Websphere Commerce Lisa Hunter/Chris Putnam
November PHP on the iSeries Leonardo Llames
October RPG Free Kevin Forsythe
September The Modernization Meal Christopher Burns
June IP Telephony on the System i John Tsang
May Introduction to WebTooling in WDSc Claus Weiss
April Simplify Your Life – Eliminate Passwords with Single Sign On Dan Riehl
March WDSC for RPG Programmers Joe Pluta
February V5R4 Announcement John Bizon
January Intro to the IBM Java Toolbox Kim Button


November The best of both worlds: ILE RPG and SQL Kevin Forsythe
October WDSc the latest release and what´s IBM´s Investment in RPG George Farr
September Hardware Management Console Allyn Walsh
June Building WebSphere Based Applications for The iSeries Server Bob Maatta
May Modernizing RPG with Prototyping, free Format, and CGIDEV2 Kevin Forsythe
April A Critical Comparison of Refacing Tools Carole Miner
March Spam and Virus Solutions Chuck Finley and Dave Scheinost
February iSeries Access for Web Open Lab Carole Miner
January How to Achieve Sorbane-Oxley Compliance Faster Laurie LeBlanc


November iSeries Navigator Larry Bulhois
October Security – top-10 Security Exposures John Earl
September i5/OS – What´s new in V5R3 John Bizon
June Many uses for SQL on the iSeries Kevin Forsythe
May Websphere Commerce Express for the iSeries Robert Desmarais
April Utilizing SQL in RPG/LE Programs Bob Bergstrom
March Using the Apache Server Michael Ryan
February Client Access for Web John Bizon
January Building Dynamic iSeries WebSphere Apps in 3 steps and 3 minutes Paul Holm