Discounts and Special Offers

From time to time, associated companies will offer our user group special offers and discounts on their products and/or services. This page links to those offers.

Special offer from Manning

There are many ways Manning can help support your user group.

  • Starting September 2012, we’ll be sending a regular newsletter to let you know about new books, special discounts, and even the occasional contest. We’d love for you to pass this newsletter along to your group members.
  • We can provide print or eBooks for you to use as door prizes at your meetings. Just let us know a couple weeks beforehand what you’ll be discussing, and we can suggest books that fit in with that topic. We encourage you to post reviews to your website.
  • We regularly create articles and excerpts with technical content from our books that you can post or link to from your site or newsletter.
  • And, of course, we have a standing discount all your members can use to save 36% on any purchase at Just enter ‘ug367’ in the Promotional Code box when you check out at

O’Reilly User Group Program


Affiliate User Group Benefits

  1. Free review copies.
  2. Apress Book Discounts – 35% or 40% off the regular price.
  3. eBook discounts – 50% off the entire cart.
  4. Free Apress books and promo items for User Group raffles and events.
  5. Request Apress authors for speaking engagements.
  6. Show your affiliation with Apress. Find Apress logos for your User Group’s website here:


We are happy to provide complimentary books in exchange for book reviews in any or all of the following locations:

  • A heavily trafficked blog, group website, or “geek” site
  • Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites
  • A print publication

To request book review copies, send an email to

For tips and examples on writing a thoughtful review, please visit:


User Group members receive a 35% discount off all regularly priced Apress books! Are you buying 10 or more books for an upcoming training, User Group promotion, or event? We offer a 40% discount when groups buy 10 or more regularly priced Apress books. To receive this discount, contact the Apress Sales Department at with the discount code UGAPRESS along with the name of your User Group.


We are pleased to offer a 50% discount off the ENTIRE cart of eBooks purchased on To receive a special discount code for this offer, simply send an email to along with the name of your User Group and the title, ISBN, and author of the eBook(s) you would like to purchase.

Prodata Rebate Offer


Octotools by JBMSystems

This is a 15% discount on Octotools (mention SEMIUG when you call them). See the website for details.

Mike C
QA Engineer, Technical Support/Sales/Marketing Specialist
JBM Systems Inc.
4 Bald Hill Lane Suite 200
Peabody, Ma 01960
(978) 535-7676

brochure in PDF form is available.

WOW from Planet J