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Four years ago, IBM started to design a new system from the ground up that could handle data intensive workloads in the enterprise.
What the team came up with was new server and processor technology—called POWER9  - built specifically for compute-intensive AI workloads.
Video: The IBM Power System AC922 server will give your enterprise the edge
POWER9 models will be available for IBM i and AIX in 2018 .  In the meantime you can catch up with what we announced so far:

IBM Unveils Industry's Most Advanced Server Designed for Artificial Intelligence
How to Accelerate the Use of AI in Organizations
With IBM POWER9, we're all riding the AI wave
Teaming up to deliver the best server for enterprise AI
The AC922 system is the centrepiece of the Summit National Laboratories deployment, which is on track to be crowned the fastest super computer in the world.
IBM Ups Its Game with the Power9 Processor | TOP500 ...
IBM Begins Power9 Rollout with Backing from DOE, Google
Video: IBM Readies POWER9-based Systems for US Department of Energy CORAL Supercomputers at SC17
Video: Introducing the Sierra supercomputer
Video: IBM Power Systems @SC17
Video: Enterprise-Ready Deep Learning from SC17
Video: Hitting the wall with your server infrastructure?
Video: Architechting for Open by Stefanie Chiras (2 minutes version)
Video: Architechting for Open by Stefanie Chiras (full version)
Video: What is AI?
Video: The Role of Data in AI
Video: How to get started in AI
Video: The Future of AI
Video: New IBM Deep Learning software achieves record performance
Replay12 Dec AIX VUG : First Power 9 System and PowerAI - with Chris Mann
PowerAI Presentation  Power9 Presentation  Lab Services Workshops Presentation

POWER stuff
IBM i Open Source and the Talent That Follows
Power Forward with IBM Power Systems in 2018
2017: An IBM i Year In Review
Steve Will Discusses IBM i Architecture
As I See It: Disruption
The AS/400 Lessons Come Back Around With Power9 Systems
Are You Ready to Think
IBM PowerAI Brings Together AI Solutions for Enterprises
The Path to Power Careers
IBM Power Systems Tops Global Reliability Survey
IBMer and BPs What this space > Introducing e-config Cloud  
IBM, Lenovo Servers Deliver Top Reliability, Cisco UCS, HPE Integrity Gain
IBM i Vendor Breaks Into Gartner Magic Quadrant
Fresche Plan: Guidance Leads To Growth
ARCAD Procures Funding To Fuel Expansion
HelpSystems Acquires Fox Technologies to Expand Cybersecurity Portfolio
Only because you can, doesn't mean you should. Consider upgrade instead > Service Extension Outlined For IBM i 7.1 And PowerHA 7.1
RPG & DB2 Summit Opens Up Schedule for Several New Sessions in March
What Does Domino 10 Really Mean?
Strategy Analytics: Enterprise Mobility Management Market Will Top $2.2B by 2022
Jim Buck on Gateway College and New Ventures
Libby Ingrassia Discusses the Power Systems Champions Program
Paul Tuohy Recaps 2017
Stephanie Rabbani, Fresh Faces Member
A Holistic Approach to Security
Steven Morales
Harvard Business Review Study Reveals Rising Corporate Need For Utilizing Artificial Intelligence
Landmark agreement between research and industry to harness high performance computing
Facebook, Google, IBM, Red Hat strengthen open source license protection
IBM gives clients control of their data in Europe with cloud, underscoring data responsibility?
Video: IBM Champions in Action: Aaron Bartell
Video: Physics Careers: 12 month placement at IBM
Video: IBM Cloud Private: Power
Video: IBM Cloud Private: Performance
Video: IBM Power Systems Ecosystem: Your Unfair Advantage
Video: IBM Power Systems: Your Unfair Advantage
Video: IBM Power Systems and the Cloud: Your Unfair Advantage
Video: KONE: using AI for people flow
Video: The Sounds of IBM: IBM Q

IBM Europe Announcement Letters
IBM Power System AC922 (8335-GTG) server helps you to harness breakthrough accelerated AI, HPDA, and HPC performance for faster time to insight
IBM Power Systems offers Mellanox sourced networking router, switches, and features for integrated big data and storage solution offerings
Revised country availability: Hardware Management Console (7063-CR1) based on IBM POWER technology is available for ordering in Luxembourg
IBM Power Systems Elastic CoD features available for ordering in Entitled Systems Support website, enabling processor and memory ordering in minutes and provisioning in seconds (for South Africa only)
IBM Power Systems SSD options offer enhanced performance at a lower cost and deliver server enhancements
Low-cost lift tool enables cost-efficient installation and service of high-end IBM Power Systems servers
IBM Ultrium 8 12 TB data cartridge models deliver twice the capacity of previous generation LTO Ultrium cartridges
IBM LTO Ultrium Model 452 delivers an uninitialized M8 data cartridge
Preview: IBM Storage Tape support for IBM Linear Tape-Open 8 Type M media

IBM i Service Provider Monthly Licensing Offering updates facilitate ongoing usage, ordering, and service
IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services for Multiplatforms and 5250 Applications, V9.6 delivers improvements and enhanced support for current integrated development environment offerings, runtimes, and browsers
IBM Spectrum Conductor Deep Learning Impact V1.1 delivers an enterprise-class software solution for building, optimizing, and deploying deep learning applications in a production environment
IBM XL C/C++ for Linux, V13.1.6 (on little endian distributions) and Fortran for Linux, V15.1.6 (on little endian distributions) deliver IBM POWER9 exploitation and OpenMP 4.5 enhancements to offload to the GPU accelerator\
IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for Linux delivers high-availability solution for Linux distributions on IBM Power Systems servers
IBM PowerAI V1.5 helps you get started faster with a software distribution for machine learning running on an enterprise platform for AI
Revised technical information: GPU passthrough support removed from Ubuntu Server 16.04 for IBM Power
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions for Power Little Endian
IBM Host Access Client Package V13.0 delivers enhanced capabilities
IBM Verse On-Premises V1.0.3 brings calendar and mail delegation capabilities, and improved performance

 IBM Software Support Services - Service Extension for IBM i 7.1 and for PowerHA 7.1
ServicePac services for IBM Power and Storage products
IBM Geographically Dispersed Resiliency for Power Systems Version 1 Release 2 offers significant enhancements to help you achieve your disaster recovery objectives
IBM Hardware Maintenance End of Service Extension provides additional time for planning and migration

Hardware withdrawal: IBM LTO5 full-height models and features, IBM TS7740 model and features, and IBM TS4300 administrative features - Some replacements available

POWER techie  stuff
Meet the PowerHA Family
The DR Plan That Went Wrong
IBM i Embraces Syslog
How to Identify Your Active 5250 Session
The cloud journey on IBM Power Systems
Power your containerized cloud with IBM
Linux on IBM Power Systems: Support for cognitive computing
Reaching the Summit: The next milestone for HPC
IBM Systems: your hybrid IT infrastructure enabler
IBM Teaches ACS New Tricks
Guru: At Last! A Tool To Search an Output Queue!
Eco-Friendly IT Infrastructure
The Value of Performance Data
FLRTing with JSON
PowerVM Shared Storage Pool Flash Acceleration
IBM Design Thinking - Intro to Sponsor Users
HMC V8 R8.7.0 Performance Improvements
What, Why, How and more about Net Promoter Score
Secure Your VIO Server
Tips I Picked up at the Power Systems Technical University
nmon to JSON plus new direct JSON monitor
AIX 5.3 on POWER8 Review
Quick Intro to the AIX Best Bits
AIX Live Update in a PowerVC Managed Cloud
Introducing PowerHA SystemMirror for Linux
Implementing IBM Cloud Private EE and CE on IBM Power8
Video: Determining Who Responded to QSYSOPR Messages | iTech Solutions Group
Video: Save Time When Uploading a SAVF | iTech Solutions Group
Video: Adding Additional Qshell Command Lines | iTech Solutions Group
Video: Installing iDoctor on an IBM i
Video: iDoctor Tip: The Clock Icon
Video: How to report problems in iDoctor
Video:  How to display data stored on IASPs in iDoctor
Video: iDoctor Tip: Variable width bar mode and graph

Storage stuff
Fiserv Banks On FlashSystem For Speedup
IBM Expands Flash Drives For Power8 Iron
i Can use IBM DVD Images with my USB 3.0 Adapter
Flash deployments growing their presence in data centers and in the cloud
What goes into the right storage for AI?
IBM Technology Preview with NVMe-over-Fabrics
How do you spell big...H-U-G-E!
The Challenge of data growth and the promise of LTO-8 tape
New LTO 8 Media web page
New LTO 8 Media Data Sheet
FAQ : LTO-8 Type M
The eighth generation of success - Solution brief here
New FlashSystem 900 AE3: Compression Always-On

Security stuff
Understanding Your 2FA Options for IBM i
Trinity Guard Fills Gap In IBM i Network Security
Hidden Dangers of the Lesser-Known IBM i Special Authorities
How Can I Determine What an IBM i User Profile Is Used For?
Why Our Security Analytics Are Failing
Will We Ever Get Rid of Passwords?
Secure Boot and Cloud Automation Protect IBM Power Systems
Security Simplified: IBM Power Systems Offer Holistic Protection
IBM Beefs Up PowerSC GUI
Cheat sheet: what is blockchain?
Introducing security alerts on GitHub
Your Data Amongst the Shopping Frenzy
Secure Your Digital Assets!
'Tis the Season for Cyber Ghouls and Goblins
Interesting read > Cybersecurity In The Age Of Quantum Computing
Video: Security Related System Values | iTech Solutions Group

Data & analytics stuff
Making the Case for a Database Engineer - Again
Making the Case for a Database Engineer
Three Analytics Trends Affecting IBM i
Should Spark In-Memory Run Natively On IBM i?
Database Modernization: Methodology To Solve Problems
Get Control of Your Organization's Big Data with a Data Governance Plan
Guru: Faster Fetching, Revisited
Guru: Using SELECT * With Cursors
Guru: Quirky SQL Creations
TechTip: SQL2XLSX - The Starter Kit

Cognitive stuff
VAI Experiments With Watson
Watson for i: Watson Workspace Helps Teams Collaborate Better
TechTip: Watson APIs - Text to Speech
Watson for i: Watson Discovery Can Help You Build Your Own Content Analyzer
Getting started with TensorFlow
Models for machine learning
Why hardware matters in the cognitive enterprise
AI-based financial advisor for low-wage workers
Reaching the Summit: The next milestone for HPC
The future of hardware is AI

Development stuff
Would you like Docker support for #AIX & #IBMi? Vote for it via IBM's Request For Enhancements portal - see entries AIX (#112797) & IBM i (#112795) - thank you! > Bring Docker To IBM i
IBM Cloud, Watson and Web Services Help Applications Fly
Cleared for Takeoff With Node.js on IBM i
Turn your smartphone into an IoT device
Build your first social media dashboard in minutes with Node-RED and Db2 for i
Presentation: What is new in Rational Developer for i 9.6!!
Announcement: Rational Developer for i!!
Rational Developer for i V9.6.0.1 fixpack is now available plus Data Studio V4.1.3!
Rational Developer for i Product Evolution. This is your "one stop shop" for all of the key information that you might need to know, as you plan and adopt new releases.
RDi 9.6—Worth a Look?
RDi > NewCommand Line Code Coverage feature  + Command Line Code Coverage.pdf
RDi 9.6 tip: Print toolbar button
RDi 9.6 tip: 'click' sound when hovering over ILE RPG variable
RDi > Step-by-Step silent install example
HATS Finds A RESTful 'Swagger'
IBM Rational Developer for i V9.6.0 documentation
More 7.2 and 7.3 enhancements for 2017 and %PROC, more uses for complex qualified names, PCML support for varying-length i
A Profound Replacement For My VisualAge For RPG Applications
Practical RPG: APIs, Part 2 - Changing Objects Using the QLICOBJD API
Practical RPG: APIs, Part 3 - Complex Parameters
The Difference between Binary and Integer (and why you Should Care)
Create Applications With IBM WebSphere
The Evolution of XL C/C++ Compilers
New XL C/C++ and Fortran for Linux compilers available today (V13.1.6 & V15.1.6) to support the latest POWER9-based server AC922 and NVIDIA GPU Volta
Video: What's new in IBM XL C/C++ for Linux, V13.1.6 and IBM XL Fortran for Linux, V15.1.6
I believe we have made it easier for you to get the best out of your HPC & Cognitive applications. To help you boost performance, check out the video for our advanced compilation technologies: Boost your application performance step-by-step with XL compiler optimization
Bluemix is now IBM Cloud: Build confidently with 170+ servicess
Video: RDi 9.6 Intro to RPG debugging and code coverage - Part 1
Video: RDi 9.6 RPG Debugging and Code Coverage Part 2
Video: RDi 9.6 RPG Debugging and Code Coverage Part 3
Video: Support and Installation of IBM JDK v8.0 on the IBM i OS
Video: How to Change the IBM JDK Version Used by an IBM IWS v2.6 and IAS v8.5 Server on the IBM i OS
Video: How To Change The Host Name For An IBM WebSphere Application Server Full Profile on the IBM i OS
Video: Introduction to Kubernetes
Video: Interview with Nick O'Leary, "The Creator" of NodeRED

IBM Redbooks News
Introduction to Storage Area Networks
IBM Spectrum Virtualize: Hot Spare Node and NPIV target ports
Implementing IBM FlashSystem 900 Model AE3
DS8000 Cascading FlashCopy Design and Scenarios
Developing Node.js Applications on IBM Cloud
Essentials of Application Development on IBM Cloud
IBM Decision Optimization and Data Science
Using IBM DS8000 in an OpenStack Environment
Implementation Guide for IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud
Implementing the IBM Storwize V7000 with IBM Spectrum Virtualize V8.1
Implementing the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller with IBM Spectrum Virtualize V8.1
IBM FlashSystem 900 Model AE3 Product Guide
DS8880 High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2
IBM DS8000 EasyTier (for DS8880 R8.3 or later)
IBM DS8880 Architecture and Implementation (Release 8.3)
Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000 Gen2 (including the Storwize V5010, V5020, and V5030) with IBM Spectrum Virtualize V8.1
IBM DS8880 Thin Provisioning
IBM Open Platform for Database as a Service Implementation and Best Practices Guide For Linux on IBM Power Systems
DS8870 Data Migration Techniques
IBM Geographically Dispersed Resiliency for IBM Power Systems
Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

Upcoming POWER events, education or training stuff
Search and find IBM's latest training sessions on offer: IBM's Training and Skills courses

NEW >> 9 Jan Accelerate with IBM Storage: IBM DS8880 Easy Tier
NEW >> 11 Jan Bring the Changes Your Customers Want: Application Modernization and Agility with IBM Cloud Private on Power Systems
NEW >> 17 Jan Watson Supply Chain Insights - Workshop, IBM SouthBank, London, UK
NEW >> 17 Jan Live: Artificial Intelligence Powered by Kubernetes
NEW >> 17 Jan Find out what's new in WebSphere Liberty V17.0.0.4!
21-26 Jan IBM i Large User Group (The LUG), IBM Rochester, MN, USA
NEW >> 05-09 Feb IBM Storage & Software Defined Storage Top Gun Class, IBM Southbank, London, UK (BPs)
NEW >> 20-22 Feb Index, San Francisco, USA
22 Feb IBM i User Group , i-ug, meeting, The Mount Hotel & Conference Centre, Wolverhampton,
NEW >> 6-8 Mar IBM Systems Technical University, Cairo, Egypt
8 Mar  IBM i User Group , i-ug, meeting, IBM Southbank, London, UK
NEW >> 20-22 Mar, RPG & DB2 Summit. Dallas, TX, USA

NEW >> 23-26 Apr IBM Systems Technical University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
NEW >> 30 Apr- 04 May IBM Systems Technical University, Orlando, USA (open for registration)
20-21 May COMMON: 2018 IT Executive Conference, Marriott Rivercenter, San Antonio, TX, USA
20-23 May COMMON: POWERUp18, Marriott Rivercenter, San Antonio, TX, USA
3-8 Jun IBM i Large User Group (The LUG), IBM Rochester, MN, USA
NEW >> 5-7 Jun IBM Systems Technical University,  Cape Town, South Africa

NEW >> 5-7 Jun IBM Systems Technical University,  Cape Town, South Africa
9-14 Sept IBM i Large User Group (The LUG), IBM Rochester, MN, USA

NEW >> 15-19 Oct IBM Systems Technical University, Hollywood, USA
NEW >> 22-26 Oct IBM Systems Technical University, Rome, Italy

12 Dec Accelerate with IBM Storage: IBM DS8000 R8.3 DSGUI Live Demo
30 Nov AIX VUG: HMC Round 2 - with Allyn Walsh & Bob Schuster Presentation Materials
30 Nov Accelerate with IBM Storage: LTO8 Drive and related updates to IBM tape products
16 Nov Accelerate with IBM Storage: VersaStack - IBM's On Premise Cloud Solution
02 Nov POWER8: Competing Processor Announcements in 2017 (IBM / BP)
Podcast: Scaleable Distributed Deep Learning with Hillery Hunter

Other stuff
Making the Invisible Visible
Approximate quantum computing: from advantage to applications