West Michigan IBM System i User Groups

The West Michigan groups present timely information to CIO’s, Directors, Managers, Analysts, and Programmers who utilize the IBM System i(AS400) platform in their business.

The groups typically meet the third Wednesday of September, November, February, and May in Grand Rapids – WMSUG, and the third Thursday of the month in Kalamazoo – I-94 Group.

The groups normally open doors at 8:00 am with coffee & rolls and kick off presentations at 8:30 am with presentations usually running until 11:30 (try to have a 20 minute peer network building break) at which time they transition into a general round table discussion on any related topic members may have. Don’t reinvent the wheel, somebody has probably already looked into, or implemented the project you’re about to start!

About this blog

I created this blog to share ideas on how to do things on the IBM i (formerly known as AS400, iSeries, and System i). Not everyone is an IBM i “black belt”, with many years of experience on the IBM i and who already knows all or most of the details in the posts of this blog. There are many “white”, “yellow”, and even “purple belts” who do not, and these need to be nurtured and encourage to become the “black belts” of the future.

I do not claim, or pretend, to be the person who knows the best way of doing everything. I hope that when I post on a subject if you know an alternative or better way of doing it you describe your method in the comments section for others to read.

Most of the ideas for these posts come from questions I have been asked by others.

Simon Hutchinson

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